ISO9001:2015 Certified 




  • DFM (Design For Manufacturability)

  • DFC (Design For Best Cost)


Design Tools

  • Solid Works

  • Cadkey

  • 3D Wireframe, Solids and Parmetric

  • Dr. Abe


CNC Programs

  • Applied Products Pro-Fold

  • Applied Products Pro Fab

  • Dr. Abe


Note: Solidworks SLDDRW drawing files must be accompanied with all the SLDPRT and SLDASM files otherwise they are useless. Please do not send us Solidworks eDrawing executables. eDrawing executables will be quarantined by our virus scanners on the mail servers. If you must send eDrawings, send the non-executable versions which require Solidworks' eModeIViewer to open.



Native part, drawing, and assembly files preferred. Complete file tree is required for drawings and assemblies (.slddrw .sldasm, & .sldprt).



Level information is required


Note: Wireframe IGES (consists of lines and arcs) is recommended for sheet metal parts. Surface IGES (consists of surfaces and N-splines/B-splines) is recommended for plastic parts with advanced geometry. Whenever possible, please send raw CAD data if the CAD package in use is one of the above. It would be greatly appreciated if HPGL or DXF files containing tolerance and material information were sent along with all IGES files, as the IGES files will most likely not include this information. If HPGL or DXF files are not included, material and tolerance information should be emailed to


Wireframe model is preferred. Solid model can be used but requires reconstruction for unfolding software. A solid model IGES requires splines to be replaced with arcs and surfaces replaced with lines. A viewable drawing with tolerance, B.o.M, and finish should accompany all IGES files unless otherwise noted in the correspondence. Viewable file format includes PDF, HPGL, DXF, DWG, TIFF, HTML, JPEG, & GIF.